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Baby Shark Birthday Party Ideas

It’s always a proud day in any parent’s life to see their little one grow older. You want to celebrate this moment in a special way and give your child memories they can treasure forever even if they’re too young to appreciate the occasion and festivities at the moment.

Even though throwing your child a birthday party is an absolutely rewarding experience, it can still be a bit of a hassle, from planning and organizing to make sure the actual day goes superbly well.

One of the very first things you will need to do when planning a party is to pick the theme. Once you figure that out, it will be easier to make all the other decisions about food, invitations, games, decorations, and the like.

The great news is that children are easy to please so the theme doesn’t have to be anything too grand. If you’re at a loss for ideas, you can never go wrong with a baby shark themed birthday party.

The video for the viral hit song “Baby Shark” by Pinkfong has been viewed over 4 billion times, proving that kids all over the world are absolutely in love with this catchy tune and everything associated with it. If your child isn’t already a happy member of the Baby Shark fan club, they will be when the party’s over.

Here’s some inspiration to help you put together a fun-filled, adorable, and delightful Baby Shark birthday party to make your child’s celebration one to remember.


Your child deserves a celebration that’s packed with fun and excitement. Even if you’re not the best at party planning, just take a deep breath, explore our Baby Shark birthday party ideas and let your creativity run free.

1. Baby Shark birthday decorations

To really capture the Baby Shark ambiance, your decorations have to align with the theme so people know the vibe you’re going for from the moment they lay eyes on it. Make sure there are sharks and fins on everything from the tablecloths to the napkins, hanging spirals for the windows and walls. 

You can also put out disposable Baby Shark plates, cups, and spoons to add a little extra pop to the party and so you don’t have to worry about doing the dishes after.

This printable baby shark design can also be used to give a fintastic uplift to any object when wrapped around it.


Blow-up balloons in the shape of sharks will also greatly improve the overall feel of the theme, but it’s also perfectly okay to use regular balloons in bold, bright, colors.

By combining balloons of different colors, you can create an appearance of being underwater to enhance the Baby Shark experience. Use blue balloons to represent water and transparent ones as bubbles, then tape or let them float to the ceilings.  For your walls, create seaweed out of strands of green streamers and insert cutouts of fins and little sharks at various spots.

If your child has Baby Shark toys, you can bring them out and use them to decorate the tables or buy some stuffed shark dolls for that purpose, then you can present them to your little one as a gift when the party’s over.

A customized Baby Shark banner is another simple party decoration to consider when fulfilling the chosen theme. It can be used as a cute backdrop for pictures or videos and can be hung inside the party venue as a welcoming sign for guests.

2. Baby Shark birthday cakes and snacks

A birthday party wouldn’t be complete without cake and food so you need to plan for those as well. If you know how to make cookies and cakes then you’re good to go. All you have to do is find and follow simple cookie recipes like this one from Kara’s Party Ideas.

For cakes, you can make a simple round cake using your bowls a cake pan, and you can decorate with it food coloring and fondant to make it look like the legendary Baby Shark.

It’s okay if baking is not your strong suit or you just don’t have the time, you can have a cake made using any of these wonderful baby shark cake designs.  

You might also consider serving finger foods and snacks instead of heavier or more complicated meals. This simple shark bait snack mix is guaranteed to be a hit at your kid’s party. All you need is some puffcorn, white candy melts, blue and green sprinkles, and gummy shark candy.

This treat will probably have other parents asking you for recipes so they can recreate it.

3. Baby Shark party drinks

There’s no reason why the beverages you serve can’t be inspired by the ocean as well. In under 10 minutes, you can prepare a thirst-destroying, mouthwatering shark punch made coconut cream, lemon-lime soda, gummy sharks, blue Hawaiian punch, and crushed ice that’s great for guests of all ages.

This drink can also be easily converted into an alcoholic cocktail for the adults in the room including splashes of coconut rum in their cups before serving.

Another fun and super cool drink that you can make for the party is shark jello cups. The recipe for this only requires simple ingredients like blue jello, whipped cream, food coloring, water, shark gummies, and lollipops.

Try this tasty shark bait ice cream float made with your preferred blue drink (Hawaiian punch, Kool-Aid, Gatorade), vanilla ice cream, life preservers, and gummy sharks. It’s easy to make, it looks great, and it tastes even better.

4. Baby Shark birthday party invitations

 All the effort you’ve put into planning an amazing birthday party for your child would seem wasted if only a few of the invited guests or none at all show up.

At least 6 weeks before the big day, order your invitations or go out and buy the items needed to make homemade cards, then begin sending them out as soon as they are ready. The cards should contain all the important details about the upcoming party such as the start and end time of the event, the theme, directions to the venue, and your phone number.

Keeping in line with the baby shark theme, you can shop for adorable invitation cards online, many of which can be customized to your taste and printed in case you end up needing more cards than you anticipated.

You can decide to go green and send out electronic invitations instead. Paperless Post, Evite, and Punchbowl are some great resources that you can use to design, create, and send your own e-vites. 

5. Baby Shark party activities

You need to decide on the kind of games activities that will be included in the party agenda so you can make the necessary preparations. Some activities will require you to go shopping for supplies, while others can be accomplished using some arts and crafts knowledge.

The Baby Shark playhut is a fun game that you can set up to keep kids aged three and up entertained for a long time. They are bound to have loads of fun exploring the structures and crawling through the tunnels.

For a great party activity that both parents and children can participate in, consider setting up a craft station, where you can teach the guests to make shark teeth necklaces using white foam paper, black yarn, hole puncher, pencil, and scissors.

It takes just a few minutes to create this awesome craft that doubles as an accessory. To spice things up, you can give awards or gifts to the top three contestants with the best-looking shark teeth necklace, and everyone gets to take their creation home as a party favor.

6. Baby Shark birthday t-shirts

Make your little one’s day extra special by getting them a customized baby shark tee with their name and new age printed on it. You can also get similar shark-themed shirts for the entire family so you can all coordinate. Picture perfect will take on a new meaning when you pull this off.

7. Baby Shark birthday party favors

Who doesn’t love getting free stuff? Goody bags are a great way of appreciating the guests who took out the time to attend your kid’s party, especially if they’re children themselves. Send them away with little treats and gifts that are fairly inexpensive.

There is no need to go out of your way or strain your budget trying to get special gifts for everyone. With less than five dollars a pop, you can easily put together a gift bag that your guests will cherish.

Mini drawstring or tote bags containing candies, juice boxes, or toys will be enough to keep the children smiling for days after they return to their own houses. For the adults, you can gift mini bars of soap shaped like sharks. Follow this simple DIY formula to make sweet-smelling bars of soap to complete your party favor pack.

How to Throw a Baby Shark birthday party

Now that you have all the ideas you need for throwing the perfect baby shark-themed party, it’s time to actually put the plan in motion. 

Aim for the party to last for about two to three hours so people can get back to other important things. Draw out a schedule with time slots for the arrival of guests, eating and drinking, playing organized games, singing happy birthday and cutting the cake, opening presents, unorganized playtime, and departure of guests.

Before you make final decisions on anything, determine how much money and time you can budget for the party and tailor your final plans accordingly.

Send out invitations on time and constantly check in with invited guests who are yet to RSVP so they don’t forget to do so. Try to keep things simple to prevent complications, but be aware that not everything may go the way you planned it. Have a backup plan just in case.

Don’t forget to make a list of everyone who got your child a present. This will allow you to send thank you notes to them. Try to send the notes within two weeks after the party so the gesture goes over well.

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